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"Lewis Vendredi made a deal with the Devil
to sell cursed antiques. But he broke the pact, and it cost him his soul.
His niece Micki, and her cousin Ryan, have inherited the store,
and with it, the curse.
Now, they must get everything back,
and the real terror begins."

JUST FOR FUN:    Audio & video clips:
Micki-1: Poison Pen (Brother Simon Clip 1)
Micki-2: Poison Pen (Brother Simon Clip 2)
Johnny Ventura: Wedding Bell Blues
Jack Marshak & Uncle Lewis: Hellowe'en
Ryan Dallion: Quilt of Hathor pt. 1

Friday The 13th Information - Episode guide, author's ratings, links to other sites. This is one of the premiere websites for the series, dating back to 1996. By Steve Crow.

CAIN's Friday The 13th: The Series Homepage - Fan fiction by James Beery with virtual fourth season entries, including excellent series finale titled "Even The Dead Can Die". Starring series' regulars Jack Marshak, Micki Foster, Johnny Ventura, Lewis Vendredi, Rashid, and young Ryan Dallion.

Internet Movie Database - IMDb entry for Friday The 13th: The Series. With links to cast and crew, guest stars, awards info. and external links, and much more!

EpGuides.Com - Quick link to for episode listings for Friday The 13th.

Petition Online - Sign the petition TODAY to join the list of Friday the 13th The Series fans who want the entire series put on DVD. Your signature counts !!

The 13th Hour - Includes screen captures for cursed objects, sound clip promos by Taralynn, press kit promotional photos, articles, select episode guides and message forum. Founded on 13 August 1999.

F13 FAQ - F13 series FAQ: on air info., production notes, brief cast bios, episode synopses, production info. and more.

Friday The 13th: The Series Homepage - formerly "Curious Goods" by Kim Milai, this site was put into the hands of the Jeni/Jessica team, but only parts of the website are available. No updates. But still an extensive collection of fan-fic stories, cast info. and lots of promo and screen photos.

Ed's F13:TS Homepage - Completely updated site with original reviews for each season's episode, cast descriptions and links, and new message forum organized by topic. Sign up and join the chat about specific episodes, & take the polls. Check it out!!! By Ed Payne.

Rayhne's Den - Fan fiction by Rayhne based on Friday The 13th: The Series. Titles available for viewing: "Knight Shift". Coming soon ... "Dusk Work" and "Dawn Duty".

TV Tome - Friday The 13th: The Series entry at, similar to IMDb. Series file edited by "Gislef". Complete listing of episodes with guest stars, brief synopsis, by title and season. With links to cast files: John D. LeMay (edited by nitesky66), Chris Wiggins, Steven Monarque and Louise Robey.

Yahoo! Chat Clubs - various chat boards hosted by Yahoo! - Fri13TS, JohnDLeMayFanClub, RobeyFanClub, CuriousGoods Creative Writing Group, etc. Join the Curious Goods chat board, edited by the Roth sisters, and participate in the Friday The 13th story game.

Canadian Actor Online - Links and information for Canadian actors, films, TV, and theatre personnel. An excellent resource, updated regularly by Canadian writer and webmaster Paul Lima. Look for the Friday link in the "On air not so recently" section. Also look for the Chris Wiggins web link in the "Canadian Actor Fansites" category from the main page.

Vendredi's Antiques - the newest fanpage. This one has it all - sound clips, video clips, cast and actor bios, fan fiction, and even a blog. Check it out!


John D. LeMay: The Actor - The Artist - A complete look at the professional career of the star of "Friday The 13th: The Series" John D. LeMay with biography page, filmography list including credits in films, television, commercials, etc. An extensive photo gallery with promotional photos from 1985 to 2005, John's personal photo album behind-the-scenes pictures with cast, crew members, and various guest stars, photos from other films and stage performances, and some candid shots. And ... a collection of artwork by John D. LeMay, from early art works to galleries for "Highwayscapes" "Dreamscapes" and "The Wreck". All images and text copyright © John D. LeMay 2001. Related links, F13 series episode guides, and more. Site is updated weekly. Guest book available and a welcome to all who wish to stop by to say hello to John.

MickiFoster - Titled " A Cult For The Less Informed", this website is devoted to the career of Canadian actress and singer Louise Robey. With an introduction to Louise's background and highlights of her career as an artist and actress, the site also includes soundclips of songs such as the billboard hit "One Night In Bangkok" from 1985 to Louise Robey's current projects with her band "A Guy Called Dready". She also sings and writes music for "Fourman Fubar" and just finished a record titled "Survive Just Long Enough". Site also displays promo photos, film stills, and album covers and most recently, an online store to launch a line of Louise Robey merchandise.

Chris Wiggins: Canadian Actor And Author - This website contains an overview of the extensive career of Canadian actor Chris Wiggins with a lengthy list of credits in films, television, and the stage, and also with the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) for on-air readings of plays, short stories, poetry, etc. He is also an author of many published works ranging from short stories and poems, to article submissions for magazines and newspapers. Site includes biography page, filmography list, and a photo section of promo photos, screen captures from films and television appearances. He is well known to audiences of all ages throughout the world. We know him best as "Jack Marshak". Have a look at his other works ... as the voiceover of "Father Abbott" in the REDWALL series, as "Cornelius" in BABAR: KING OF ELEPHANTS, and much much more. Congratulations to Mr. Wiggins who celebrates 50 years of excellence in work in Canadian entertainment in the year 2002.    Click and save to listen to a small audio file from the Redwall series where Chris Wiggins stars as Father Abbott Mortimer.

Steven Monarque - A native of New Jersey, Steven Monarque joined the cast of "Friday The 13th: The Series" in the third season as "Johnny Ventura". Since earning his membership with SAG in 1977, Steven has worked steadily in Los Angeles and New York with credits in TV commercials and stage work as well as appearing in the music video by pop rock band "Chicago" for the song "25 or 6 to 4" in 1985. In December 1998, Steven starred as "Lieutenant Maryk" in the stage adaptation of the prize-winning Herman Wouk novel "The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial" in Hollywood, CA, alongside James Morrison and Stan Kirsch. And in February 2002, Steve presented and starred in his own musical production "That's Life" for six weeks at The Egyptian Arena Theater in Hollywood, CA. Check out his website for further details.

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